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Tractor industry remains optimistic for 2021

18 January 2021 

The tractor sales industry finished 2020 on a strong note with December sales up 18.4 % on 2019.  

Tractor and Machinery Association (TAMA) president Kyle Baxter says that while 2020 definitely posed challenges for the industry, the current mood of members is positive.  

Overall tractor sales for 2020 were down 15.3% compared with 2019, with sales for the bigger machines (375+ HP) particularly affected with a drop of 25%.  

Mr Baxter says nobody in the industry was surprised with the reduction in sales for the high-end tractor investments: “Tractor distribution companies had been envisaging a reduction in sales going into 2020, however, as a result of the pandemic sales reduced slightly more than expected.” 

Certain HP sectors actually remained stronger than others over the year, particularly lifestyle tractors (20-30HP) for which sales volumes were very similar to 2019. Tractors sold in the viticulture and horticulture segments (80-100HP) also bolstered annual sales volumes with a reduction of only about 5% compared to 2019’s record breaking year. Harder hit was the higher horsepower tractor segment traditionally sold into the arable / cropping and dry stock farming sector (140 ­-375 HP), with about a 20% reduction in sales volume from 2019.  

“This HP segment accounts for a lot of the tractors sold into contractors and hire fleets, which were affected by the general uncertainties around the pandemic. They also experienced further uncertainty in obtaining sufficient workers through the spring and summer season to operate these machines, with a consequential reduction in the yearly sales volumes of larger tractors.” 

TAMA members are now reporting that demand for tractors and equipment is steadily building across the country, as customers are beginning to secure their machines for spring / summer 2021. 

“However, the pandemic is continuing to disrupt the overseas supply chain across Europe, America and Asia. While New Zealand TAMA members are doing everything they can to ensure machines arrive on time for the season ahead, there will be potential delays in global manufacturing and international shipping routes that could be felt during the first half of the year.”

Mr Baxter has advised TAMA members to stay well informed of any shipping delays via their overseas manufacturers and shipping companies, and to liaise with their customers who may be affected by these delays.

“On a positive note for 2021, our members who manufacturer within New Zealand are reporting strong order banks for their equipment from customers. This is very good news and another sign that our primary industry is still feeling buoyant amongst the global turmoil.” 

For more information contact:

Kyle Baxter, President TAMA

027 670 7585 


About the Tractor and Machinery Association of NZ

The Tractor and Machinery Association of NZ (TAMA) is the industry representative for New Zealand’s commercial tractor and machinery industry, including importers, manufacturers and retailers. TAMA obtains retail delivery statistics for around 97% of the tractor market and about 80% of the machinery sector from its co-operating members. Visit www.tama.org.nz.

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