2020 News

TAMA Scholarships awarded

April 2020

The TAMA Management Group awarded our inaugural scholarships recently as part of TAMA moves to attract, retain and reward skilled workers.

The annual scholarships of $500 are available to tractor and machinery industry trainees studying towards a certificate or diploma.

One scholarship was awarded to Alice Stanbra, a parts and automotive accessories apprentice for Norwood Manawatu. Alice said she would use the opportunity to undertake further training for management qualifications after the completion of her apprenticeship.

Another was given to Regan Bailey who is about to start the third year of his agricultural diesel apprenticeship with Tulloch Farm Machines in Masterton. Regan said the scholarship would give him “the confidence to continue to work hard and strive for success and knowing I have the support and backing from such an important association in our industry will give me added incentive to succeed.”

More details are in the recipients’ application letters below. TAMA will be offering the trainee scholarships again next year with more information coming out later in this year.

“Keeping farmers moving” Alice Stanbra

When it comes to New Zealand’s farm machinery here at Norwood, we are proud to supply our customers with some of most trusted machinery brands from all around the world, since the establishment of CB Norwood in 1948. Norwood has grown to become one of the most well-known names throughout New Zealand’s agriculture industry, providing superior parts and service across our extensive range of agricultural industries; including horticulture, viticulture, and lifestyle.

Having been made possible by Norwood’s amazing departments, each known as sales, technical support, service, and the parts sales and accessories team. These intelligible groups specialise in both our tractor and machinery servicing, focussing 100% on maximising the reliability and uptime of every service.

As a child I remember scrambling up the ascending staircase into the old Ford 6610 and onto my father’s lap, I remember grasping the steering wheel and being told that I could guide the large tractor home. Looking back to the early beginnings like this reminds me of the exact reasons as to why I wanted to be a parts salesperson within the the tractor and machinery industry in the first place. Growing up a young girl in a rural environment I felt that there were some unspoken presumptions that I’d either continue into the dairy farming industry like a majority of my relatives, or to settle down with a full time worker and be a stay at home mum. Although these are very outdated instances, they still seemed to lurk over me like the burden of a life I did not want to seep into. I knew from a young age that I didn’t want to settle down too early or to rely on someone else to guide me through life whether that be mentally or financially. To have such an important role in a company with the history and importance of Norwood, meant that I could help people much like my grandfather Raymond Stanbra whom was a customer of Norwood for more than 60 years, as well as this being traditionally followed by his children who also continue to operate and favour their New Holland tractors’ and machinery to this day.

My name is Alice Stanbra, and I am a parts apprentice for Norwood Manawatu. I find it rather hard talking about myself in a certain type of light as I am quite modest with the amount of effort I put into my work. I do believe that I am driven within my role through helping others, and overall it’s the ultimate response I get from my customers when I go out of my way to do or find something that really encourages me.

In a role like mine, I do believe that this is a very important perspective to have, enabling myself to improve the level of quality and customer service that the customer will receive with every interaction. Norwood’s most common slogan is “Keeping farmers moving”, and honestly supporting farmers throughout New Zealand to continue their work, -this of developing produce from harvesting crops to dairy- every step they take to providing New Zealand these essential products, we can back them up with parts and service. Although, It’s also supporting our regional construction industries as well, i.e Higgins or the City council whom maintain the region thoroughly with the usage of our machinery, as well as other workshops within the region that are also driven by a similar purpose of supporting these industries. My passion and reason behind getting out of bed every morning is purely due to the vast combined effort throughout these indistinguishable industries, feeling to me that if I didn’t pull enough weight within the role I’d be letting down both others in my team, but also more importantly my customers and the companies that I supply parts to. Often I consider my selflessness as a drawback with how I may be treated in return, but when it comes to providing parts for such a dependent company like Norwood and seeing it be so widely appreciated by so many customers and co-workers, I do believe that this is genuinely one of my most admirable qualities. I do also believe that I can listen to people and understand the emotions they’re feeling relatively well. Take their body language for example, how they react to a certain situation, what they say, and what they may want out of their experience with me as a parts salesperson. Information like this will help me evolve how I set forth myself in the future with this customer and others, encouraging me to use these techniques when I approach them, considering in mind how I will conduct myself, and deliver each word to them. It is always the best feeling seeing a customer smile, encouraging you with what you’re revealing to them. By listening to the customer you will straight away learn the needs of what they’re wanting from you, helping you understand what you need to do to suit their needs and requirements as a parts salesperson. As I am a good listener I do believe that this is one of my best skills / techniques, especially when I am working with a customer on their job, because in the end none of us like being cut off when we’re trying to explain something to someone. Using this technique I can also get to know the customer and what lifestyle the product or part will be for, this also helps with my role and I may be able to suggest another product or part to go along with it.

I approached this opportunity with the mindset that I would start from the bottom and work my way up, coming from being a merit-excellence graded student at Palmerston North Girls’ High School and working my part time role at SuperCheap Auto on Saturdays, I just felt that working one day a week didn’t really give me the approach I desired to excelling and attaining growth within an automotive industry and/or career. After applying to my current job here at Norwood, and receiving confirmation of approval, I was soon on my pathway to success. It was an absolute dream to be able to focus on one of my biggest goals of obtaining a parts apprenticeship that I could grow and develop within at such a young age. Beginning this opportunity I committed all of my time to becoming the best parts salesperson / apprentice that I could possibly be. To this day my role and apprenticeship with Norwood is still one of my proudest achievements. I cannot express how grateful I was, and still am to have been offered that entry way into the automotive / machinery industry at the age of 17. My commitment to this company is rather immense, and I do believe that without it things would be a whole lot different for me. The amount of great people I have met over the course of this last year at Norwood have impacted me immensely and I am so grateful to be surrounded in so many professional role models within my work environment. I have never doubted my role nor have I questioned getting out of bed in the morning before work. I am committed to my work and would feel awful if I didn’t go to work for even one day, and I will stay and do that extra 20 minutes to collect a service kit, so that my technician can do his job efficiently and effectively.

I contribute a lot of my time to work and will still log into CNH or Kubota for my customers who email me when I am home unwell. I just love being able to help so many people within this industry by doing the best I can and can honestly say I am on track to studying towards the achievement of progressing within my role and by potentially even becoming a parts manager one day.

This parts apprenticeship opportunity on its own has enabled me to grow and encounter so much more knowledge and different information on various tractors and machinery that are owned and operated throughout New Zealand, most of these in which I didn’t know existed before I began studying toward becoming a qualified parts salesperson. These are all very impactful personal achievements in a way on both myself and for my future career opportunities, and although some may not think too much of that I am very happy and proud of how far I have come with both the experience gained and the overall completion of many of my assignments over the course of my presence within this apprenticeship.

This scholarship wouldn’t just be an award to me, it is an entry way, and an investment into my future. By being encouraged by others to apply, I cannot honestly put into words how immensely this could impact my future within this role for the better, and overall within Norwood.

I would use this opportunity as an aid to do further training for management qualifications after my completion of the parts and automotive accessories apprenticeship. Management, let alone within this industry, has always been something I’m quite interested in, and to be able to move into such a powerful role as a female in this day and age would mean a huge amount to both me and the young women of tomorrow. It is only just recently we have had Amy join our parts team as parts manager, and so far I can already say what a huge impact having a strong, assertive, charismatic female has had on my confidence of progressing within this industry, reminding me more and more every day that nothing is impossible.

I would run with this amazing opportunity into my future to becoming a qualified parts salesperson, and perhaps one day something more. My contribution to the role, the industry, and the company, will only grow throughout the upcoming years ahead of me. I will grow into more of my future self and gain both experience and immense knowledge for all of the tractors and machinery we acquire.

 Dear TAMA

My name is Regan Bailey I am currently finishing the second year of my apprenticeship at Tulloch Farm Machines in Masterton. As I am about to start the third year of my apprenticeship, I believe working at Tullochs has given me the confidence to use the knowledge I have gained so far to become the best mechanic I can for myself, workmates and my employer. I am taking in as much knowledge as I can, whether it’s dealership training or out in the workshop or the field carrying out services and maintenance to make sure I am an important and valued member of our workshop team.

I am proud to say I have progressed well through my apprenticeship, completing all of my theory based bookwork to date. I am currently working on my practical papers in an effort to complete them in a timely manner to qualify from my apprenticeship as an agricultural diesel mechanic as soon as I can to further become an asset to Tulloch Farm Machines.

I believe that through regular visits to our Wednesday night class held at UCOL here in Masterton I will be able to balance my theory and practical learning, studying and working hand in hand to use the large range of skills I have had the opportunity to complete to date in the workshop and out in the field.

The scholarship that TAMA offers will further boost my ability to continue to further my studies toward completion and give me the motivation and confidence to continue to work hard and strive for success and knowing I have the support and backing from such an important association in our industry will give me added incentive to succeed.

I would like to have completed all my papers for my apprenticeship in the next 18 months, which will allow me to use my new found knowledge in this fast growing and ever expanding industry that we operate in, as a freshly qualified mechanic I will become another important cog in Tulloch Farm Machines wheel in the agricultural machinery industry.

Thank you for considering my application for your scholarship.

Kind regards

Regan Bailey