2021 TAMA Conference Postponed

Unfortunately, due to the Delta variant being in New Zealand, TAMA has decided to postpone our conference to next year.  It will now be held in Christchurch on Friday 26 August 2022. We are hugely disappointed with having to make this decision so close to the actual event as the enthusiasm from the industry (members and non members) has been superb. This enthusiasm does mean, however, that when we do get in front of each other in 2022, it will be an even more fantastic event. 

Stay safe and well everyone and watch this space in the new year when we will be posting conference 2022 updates. 

If you have any questions about registration refunds or anything else, please contact TAMA general manager Kirsty Fyfe at generalmanager@tama.org.nz. 


Representing New Zealand’s tractor and machinery industry

The Tractor and Machinery Association (TAMA) has represented New Zealand’s tractor and farm-related machinery industry since 1949. The tractors and machinery our members sell and maintain are vital to keeping the wheels of New Zealand’s agricultural economy turning.

We proudly represent almost the entire industry including importers, manufacturers and retailers. Our strength lies in taking a unified stand for our members on industry issues – ensuring all members’ voices are heard.

We monitor issues that could impact on members and take industry wide action on government regulation/legislation, industry training and any challenges and opportunities.




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